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Shrub Pruning and Removal – How, When, and Why to Do It?

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Owned and managed by Certified Arborist Brian Allen, Archon Tree Services Inc. has grown and evolved over the years to serve a growing number of commercial and residential clients in King, Pierce, and Kitsap Counties. Today, Archon Tree Services Inc. is a full-service tree care corporation, specializing in high-end pruning and Zero Impact Tree Removal.

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Shrub Pruning and Removal – How, When, and Why to Do It?

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Is your backyard looking unruly? Are the tall hedges in the yard creating a nuisance for you? Are you facing an issue due to untrimmed shrubs and trees? Then, you are not alone in this battle against the unkempt shrubs!


Shrubs can easily look mismanaged and can tarnish the overall aesthetic of your backyard. Pruning is one method to deal with this issue effectively. Shrub Pruning Services in Tacoma, WA, can seem a bit tiring and daunting at first, but once you know when and how to go about it, you’ll realize that it is an easy process and can enhance the health of your shrubs and ultimately the beauty of your backyard. 


There are also multiple businesses for Shrub removal and pruning in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Tacoma,  and nearby areas that you can employ. But in order to know if the business you have hired is credible, you need to know what pruning is and how it’s done. 

Let’s get into it. 


What is pruning, and why is it important? 

Shrub Pruning Services in Tacoma, WA, and nearby areas is like a haircut for your plants. It is crucial for the health and growth of the shrub and improves plants’ aesthetics, appearance, and health by trimming, maintaining, and tweaking their growth.


  • Improved Plant Quality 

Pruning can help in improving the overall quality of the plant. It helps by removing any diseased part of the plant that might hinder its growth.


  • Manage Growth Rate

Trimming and pruning can naturally help in promoting new growth of the plant. It can also be used to manage the plant’s growth in whatever way you like. Shrub Pruning Services in Port Orchard, WA, can be beneficial to propagate new growth in the plant and prepare it for the next season.


  • Best for Plant Health 

Pruning is not only about appearances and aesthetics. It can also enhance the plant’s health by making sure it’s not too close to the other plants and competing for sunlight and other nutrients.


  • Enhanced Life Span

Frequently pruned shrubs and plants tend to live longer than the ones that are not pruned and trimmed. It increases the plant’s ability to survive in harsh weather and stay away from shrub removal services in Port Orchard, WA. 


  • Beautification

You can prune and trim the shrubs in any shape you like. It can give uniformity to your garden and can also make it look well-managed and healthy. However, to make it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, contact a shrub pruning service expert in Port Orchard, WA, instead of DIYing it.


How to Prune and Trim Your Shrubs?

All the benefits listed above have certainly made you a bit wary of how to do it. The process is fairly easy, and if you have all the information you need, along with the right types of equipment for shrub removal/ pruning, you’re all set to get started.


  • Keep Timing in Mind

It’s always best to keep the timing in mind. If you prune a shrub at the wrong time, you may not allow it to grow. 


  • Plant Identification is Necessary

Knowing what you are trimming and pruning is extremely important. Certain shrubs can handle aggressive pruning, and some cannot. 


  • Have the Right Pruning Tools!

It’s important to have the basic tools for pruning, and it’s equally important to have good ones. Whether you’ll use electric-powered or hand-held ones depends on the plant that you are going to prune. 


When Should I Start Pruning?

As mentioned above, timing is extremely important in pruning and can decide how your plants will grow and look.


  • Twice a Year

The bare minimum pruning is twice a year, but it might not be enough for some shrubs. You don’t want your shrub overgrown because it can look really messy. 


  • Less is More

Pruning less but with a higher frequency is the best way to do it. It’s recommended to prune your shrub every other month.


It also maintains a consistently beautiful look throughout the year.


Why go for Professional Shrub Pruning?

If all this information, steps, and suggestions make you anxious and you think it’s a bit of a hassle, you’ll probably be searching for good shrub pruning services in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, and Port Orchard soon. 


  • It’s always good to hire a professional if you are even a little bit unsure of your abilities. A professional shrub pruning service provider in Port Orchard, WA, can help you achieve the desired look in your backyard. 


  • Experience

Nothing is more helpful in pruning than experience. Professionals know what can happen and might happen to a plant, and they can make a decision that is most appropriate.


  • Tools and types of equipment

As we mentioned, having the right tools and equipment is important to make the process easier. This is where professionals can help. They have high-end tools along with the skills that are needed to operate such equipment.  


Hire a Professional Shrub Pruning Expert Today!

Hiring a professional is beneficial for you and your plants. It saves you a lot of time, energy, and mental stress of going through the hoops to achieve year-round vegetation.

A professional also ensures that the garden is properly trimmed and not over-trimmed, as it can affect the growth of your plants.


Professionals also offer additional services. One of the most important ones is cleanup. Pruning and trimming are important, but cleanup is equally important. With professionals, you’ll not have to clean up after them. 


Final Takeaway

If this blog piqued your interest and made you Google ‘professional shrub pruning service in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, and Tacoma,’ then we are at your service. With Archon Trees services, you are in very safe hands. 

We are insured, licensed, and bonded, so there is no legal hassle, and we come armed with modern machinery and tools. If you are unhappy with the service (very slim chance), we’ll redo it for free! No questions asked! 

At Archon Tree Services, you can rest assured and let us handle all the shrubbery around your property! Call us today to schedule an appointment.