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Founded in 1989, Archon Tree Services Inc. has over 35 years in the tree care business in the Puget Sound area. During that time, we have earned a reputation as the area’s leading expert in tree care and as a company known for exemplary service, quality workmanship and long-standing client relationships.

Owned and managed by Certified Arborist Brian Allen, Archon Tree Services Inc. has grown and evolved over the years to serve a growing number of commercial and residential clients in King, Pierce, and Kitsap Counties. Today, Archon Tree Services Inc. is a full-service tree care corporation, specializing in high-end pruning and Zero Impact Tree Removal.

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The Importance of Tree Pruning Services for Tree Health & Safety

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Tree Pruning in Tacoma, WA, is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Although forest trees in Washington grow quite well with only natural pruning, landscape trees in residential areas require more care to maintain their safety and aesthetics. Tree pruning in Gig Harbor, WA, should be done with an understanding of how the sapling responds to each cut and trim. Improper pruning methods can cause damage that can shorten the tree’s life.


This blog post explores the importance and consequences of tree pruning procedures in Port Orchard, WA, so that you can remain informed in the face of any tree crisis.  


What is Tree Pruning? 

Tree pruning involves carefully trimming or thinning trees and shrubs to give them a more pronounced shape. Top shrub pruning experts in Tacoma, WA, reveal that it’s beneficial for the tree, as removing dead branches allows new growth to flourish. 

Some benefits of tree pruning are,


  • Through tree pruning in Port Orchard, WA, you cut off all the dead branches, making way for healthy, new growth.
  • No more dead, broken, or damaged branches.
  • No threat to your property from potential fallen branches.
  • It provides trees with a clean, polished look that elevates your whole landscape.
  • It also sets the tree up with a good foundation for long-term health.
  • Expert tree removal and pruning arborists in Tacoma, WA, reveal that you actually train your trees to grow a certain way so the branches don’t hang over the roof or stretch into power lines.


The Importance of Tree Pruning

Five reasons why tree pruning in Gig Harbor, WA, is necessary for optimum tree and shrub health include,


  • Dead branches hinder the growth of healthy tree parts:

The professional team of lawn care experts at Archon Tree has noticed this repeatedly. A tree whose branches are beginning to sink or look sickly may still have its dead branches attached, which takes up space and eats up resources. Tree pruning and removal in Gig Harbor, WA, gets rid of these dead ends, strengthens the roots, and encourages younger branches to grow and thrive.


  • Prevention and treatment of disease:

Tree pruning in Tacoma, WA, removes any components with a disease, infection, fungi, and other types of decay, stopping them from spreading to healthier, newer branches. Removing them can also expose other branches(and tree parts) to more sunlight and air circulation, which helps reduce disease incidence.


  • Encourages fruit growth:

If you have fruit trees in your landscape, removing the rotten and dead limbs encourages the fruit to grow more plentifully because it becomes less vulnerable to bacteria and disease. Tree pruning in Port Orchard, WA, also helps spur growth, promoting fruit growth the following year.


  • Dead branches and overgrowth pose a considerable threat:

Dead, lifeless branches can fall off easily or blow away during windy weather or a heavy storm. Some branches can hang over your home or backyard, where your little ones play, or grow over power lines, which can be one of the most dangerous situations to be in, as it can cause potential fire and health hazards. 


As mentioned earlier, tree pruning and removal in Tacoma, WA, by certified arborists from Archon Tree, removes these dead ends, minimizing the risk of such safety hazards.


  • It allows you to notice your surroundings better.

This is especially true and beneficial if you live by a beautiful lake, the mountains, a gorgeous sunlit horizon, or anywhere in the world with a magnificent view! Tree pruning and removal in Gig Harbor, WA, is also done for its aesthetic appeal, so you can trim your trees and shrubs into a shape that’s pleasing and compliments the environment.


Dangers of DIY Tree Pruning

We know how tempting it can be, but DIY tree and shrub pruning in Port Orchard, WA, usually requires climbing a high ladder to cut down limbs, potentially injuring people or damaging the property. Top shrub pruning experts in Tacoma, WA, reveal that improper pruning can harm trees, hindering their growth and survival, which alone are good enough reasons to seek professional assistance from a certified company like Archon Tree. Our shrub/tree pruning and removal services can assist with pruning shrubs, plants, and trees without the risk of personal injury or property damage.


When & How to Prune a Tree?

There’s never a bad time to remove dead, damaged, diseased, or decaying branches. But most shrubs, plants, and trees benefit from pruning in mid to late winter. During the dormancy period, tree pruning in Tacoma, WA, encourages fresh growth as soon as the climate begins to warm up. 


The absence of leaves after autumn allows you to identify branches and limbs requiring removal easily. Additionally, due to pruning in late winter, fresh wounds are only exposed briefly before new growth begins, making it easier for the cuts and wounds to heal.


Professional arborists from Archon Tree use the following pruning methods based on the needs of your trees and shrubs,

  • Thinning

Top tree pruning experts in Gig Harbor, WA, reveal that this process avoids overgrowth by removing a branch from its origin. 


  • Topping

Leading tree pruning contractors in Tacoma, WA, the process involves removing branches from the top of the tree to train young trees to grow in a certain way or direction.


  • Raising

This tree pruning method involves trimming low-hanging branches to create more headroom for parked cars and pedestrians.


  • Reduction

This type of tree pruning in Gig Harbor, WA, requires trimming back a tree’s volume, commonly for safety reasons, like creating space for power lines or preparing for a weather event.


Final Thoughts

Don’t wait around until your shrubs, trees, and plants pose a potential threat or suffer from neglect. Take action today and invest in the well-being of your trees with Archon Tree Services Inc. Founded in 1989, we have over 25 years of experience in the tree care business in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and Port Orchard, WA.


We specialize in high-end pruning and zero-impact tree removal, serving a growing number of commercial and residential clients in King, Pierce, and Kitsap Counties. 

Schedule an appointment with our team today.